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Feature :

- Automatic variable speed fan control by thermal sensor 25V, 35V, 50V, 70V
  and 100V outputs for matching of speaker   imedance (Optional)
- Designed for operation either AC main or 24V DC
- Optional FAULT DETECTOR MODULE (FD-200) makes monitoring of amplifiers
  and loudspeaker line (short, open) failures
- An override relay contact on the output terminal board allows emergency paging
  to be distributed through 3 wire or 4 wire system wiring that requires the DC power supply
- Optional FAULT DETECTOR MODULE (FD-200) makes detection of speaker line fault
  or amplifier fault and change from fault amplifier into stand-by amplifier
- Full protection for product reliability
     Over load and speaker line short limiter circuit
     Over current limiter circuit
     In rush current protection circuit for AC POWER
- +24V DC OUT to external accessories (MAX. 500mA)
- AC power remote control (Stand-by LED)
- PGM audio muting level controller when priority control signal input
- Override audio input terminal and override control terminal
- 200Hz filter to improve sound quality
- Screw terminal for signal input to make an easy installation
     Fault monitoring of fan fault, DC fuse fault and AC fuse fault

Specification :

Input Sensitivity / Impedance : 0dBu(0.775V) / 66kΩ Bal
Rated Output (RMS) :
PA-112DP/DPT : 120W, 124DP/DPT: 240W
PA-136DP/DPT : 360W, 148DP/DPT: 480W
Output Impedance :        
Europe             America
25V  /  50V  /  100V  /  25V  /  35V  /  70V
5.2Ω / 20.8Ω / 83.3Ω / 5.2Ω  / 10.4Ω / 41.7Ω
2.6Ω / 10.4Ω / 41.7Ω / 2.6Ω  / 5.2Ω  / 20.8Ω
1.7Ω / 6.9Ω  /  27.8Ω / 1.7Ω  / 3.5Ω  / 13.9Ω
1.3Ω / 5.2Ω  / 20.8Ω  / 1.3Ω  / 2.6Ω  / 10.4Ω
Frequency Response :
Less Than -3dB (35Hz ~ 20kHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio :
More than 100dB ( "A" weight )
T.H.D  Less Than :
Input Filter (H.P.F)  :
200Hz / -3dB
Power consumption  112DP/DPT : 330W ,124DP/DPT : 740W
136DP/DPT : 1110W , 148DP/DPT : 1430W
1/8 Power Current draw :
112DP/DPT: 0.77A , 124DP/DPT: 1.6A
136DP/DPT: 2.4A , 148DP/DPT: 3.1A
1/3 Power Current draw    :
112DP/DPT: 1.13A , 124DP/DPT:/2.39A
136DP/DPT: 3.6A , 148DP/DPT: 4.6A
Rated Power Current draw :
 112DP/DPT: 1.77A , 124DP/DPT: 3.75A
1360DP/DPT: 5.7A , 148DP/DPT: 7.4A
Power  AC 220CV/60Hz, DC 24V
Dimensions (mm)  483(W) X 133(H) X 379(D)
Weight(kg) :
112DP/DPT :13kg , 124DP/DPT : 15kg
136DP/DPT :18kg , 148DP/DPT : 19kg

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