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T-4060MP T-4120MP

Public Address Systems > Amplifiers > Zone Mixer Amplifier

4 Channel PA System Server


The 4 channel mixer amplifier range is design with two power outputs: 4x60W and 4x120W.
The inputs and outputs can be matrix selected, thus it is a high integrated 4 channel audio
matrix system solution with Mp3 player for hotel, shopping mall, sports center,
entertainment center, etc.
Each inputs could be easily designed to different four zones by front panel selector,
moreover each inputs are supplied with separate bass, treble and volume control for
precise sound effect for each area.
Three Combo Mic/Line inputs with selector and phantom power, thus the microphone input
support both phone jack and XLR type. Two RCA type line inputs, built-in Mp3 player on front
panel, one tel input and one RJ45 port for a remote paging microphone T-4012.
A RS232 serial communication port is supplied for third party system communication.
A priority input could be used to override all other inputs.A monitor is also built-in for in
room monitoring use. 4 channel separate line inputs and speaker outputs are provided for
easy wiring. 70V, 100V and 4 Ω speaker outputs all are supplied for versatile sound
loudspeaker matching. Extensive protection functions from thermal, short-circuit, clip and


* Four channel amplifier in a 3U 19” rack m ount d esign
* All source inputs could be matrix assigned to different 4 zones outputs simultaneously
* The 5 channel inputs & Mp3 input are designed with separate bass, treble and volume control
* Three microphone/line inputs with phantom power and gain control
* Two aux inputs by RAC with gain control
* Mp3 player with SD and USB inputs, separate power supplied module
* One 4 zone remote microphone input by RJ45 port
* Four channel line inputs and speaker outputs
* Versatile speaker outputs for each four channels: 70V, 100V and 4 Ω
* A RS232 serial control port for third party system communication
* A priority input to override other inputs
* Input priority level from high to low: remote mic, priority input &Tel input & Mic1
* Built-in monitor with volume control
* Extensive protection of thermal, short-circuit, clip and overload with indicators
* With ground lift switch
Model :
T-4060MP : T-4120MP     
Power Output :
4x60W  : 4x120W    
Speaker output :
70V, 100V &  4Ω
Monitor output :
1W /8Ω
Input Sensitivity & Impedance :
CH1, 2, 3: ±2.5mV/600Ω - 175mV/10KΩ, (Balanced)
CH5-6: 350mV/10KΩ, (Balanced)
TEL: 350mV/10KΩ
Tone Control :
Bass: ±10dB at 100Hz , Treble:±10dB at 10KHz
S/N Ratio :
LINE1-4 Output :
1V/ 600Ω (Balanced)
Frequency Response :
80-16KHz (0/-3dB )
MP3 :
Support MP3 format, max capacity of 32GB
SD Input :
FAT16 & FAT32, support disk one zone, do not support folder,Supports up to 2G-1 bytes as the file size
The maximum number of playable files is 65534
Sorts and plays up to 100 files in the order of UNICODE

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