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The USB mixer amplifiers have power ratings from 60W, 120W to 240W. They are featured of three microphone inputs, two aux inputs and one EMC input.Priority muting is achieved via EMC input for overriding other inputs except Mic1 on front panel. Individual gain controls are provided for Mic 1-3 and Aux 1-2, bass and treble controls and master volume control are provided for overall tone control. 70V, 100V and low impedance 4-16ohms speaker outputs are provided. Extensive protection from short-circuit, overload and high temp.

* With USB port and fluorescent screen to display the sound number
* Four function buttons: previous, play/stop, next and repeat
* Remote control over USB for EQ, volume up, volume down & mute
* Mixer amplifier for paging and background music system
* In 2U height
* 70V, 100V and low impedance 4-16 ohm speaker output
* Three Mic inputs by phone jack type
* Mic 1 with VOX priority and VOX level on rear panel
* Mic 2-3 by phone jack on rear panel
* Two Aux Inputs and 2 line inputs for spare use
* One EMC priority input
* EMC has priority over all inputs except MIC1
* Mic 1-3, Aux 1-2 and master volume controls and bass/treble tone control
* High temp, overload & short-circuit protection
* DC 24V
* Panel with/without handhold

Model :
T-60BU / T-120BU / T-240BU
Rated Power Output :
60W / 120W / 240W
Speaker Outputs :
70V, 100V & 4~16Ω
Input Sensitivity & Impedance :  
MIC 1, 2, 3: 5mV/600Ω, Unbalanced phone jack input
MIC 2, 3: ±2.5mV/2KΩ, Balanced XLR input
MIC 2, 3: 775mV/10KΩ, Unbalanced RCA input
AUX 1, 2: 350mV/10KΩ, Unbalanced RCA input
EMC: 775mV/10KΩ, Unbalanced screw input
Output Sensitivity & Impedance :
MIX OUT: 1V/470Ω, Unbalanced RCA output
Tone :
Bass: ±10dB at 100Hz, Treble: ±10dB at 10KHz
Frequency Response :
 50Hz~16KHz( +1dB, -3dB)
S/N Ratio :
MIC 1, 2, 3: 66dB, AUX 1, 2: 80dB
Less than 0.1% at 1KHz, 1/3 rated power
Muting Function :
MIC 1 overrides other input signals with 0-30dB attenuation
Gain Control  :
MIC 2, 3 XLR, ±2.5mV~±75mV at 30dB
Crosstalk :
MP3 Support Format :
Maximum Support Capacity :
8GB USB drive
Phantom Power :
+48V, with LED indicator
Cooling  :
Fan automatically start up when temp reaches 55℃
Protection :
High temp, overload & short-circuit
Power Supply :
~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz
Power Consumption :
100W  / 200W  / 400W
Weight :
7.2Kg /  10Kg / 17.5Kg
Dimensions :
  484x303x88mm / 484x358x88mm
Finish :
Panel: aluminum plate, black
Case: steel plate, black

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